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Corona News 

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko nominated for Nobel Peace Prize – Frontline News (

West Virginia offering savings bonds to encourage vaccination – The Washington Post

Pfizer, BioNTech Seek EU’s OK to Use COVID-19 Vaccine on Kids (

Pfizer, riding high on COVID-19 vaccine launch, pays CEO Bourla $21M for 2020 | FiercePharma

CDC blames ‘Covid anxiety’ for adverse reactions, 164 times more people fainting after getting J&J vaccine compared to flu shot — RT USA News

Coronavirus vaccine: Pfizer CEO sold $5.6 million of stock as company announced positive data (

Swimming Australia to defer vaccine dose for athletes over jab side effects | The Australian

The mainstream media is using their force to try and dismiss widely shared C-19 vaccine concerns in relation to shedding. 
My view is simple, whenever concerns are widely expressed, especially health concerns, they must be respected and investigated. 

Disability provider denies services to clients who get COVID–19 vaccine over unfounded shedding concerns – ABC News

Florida Private School Bars Vaccinated Teachers From Student Contact – The New York Times (

Coronavirus: Okanagan business bans people vaccinated against COVID-19 from entering |

Fact Check-COVID vaccines do not ‘shed’ from one person to another and then cause reproductive problems | Reuters

Covid-19 vaccine does not make people dangerous to others | Fact Check (

No, Other People’s Covid Vaccines Can’t Disrupt Your Menstrual Cycle – The New York Times (

The Latest Anti-Vax Myth: ‘Vaccine Shedding’ | MedPage Today

The COVID-19 vaccines, irregular periods and spike protein shedding | Nebraska Medicine Omaha, NE

When ever I see the mainstream media come out in unison to ‘disprove’ a widely expressed claim, it prompts me to ask more questions.

Oral drug blocks SARS-CoV-2 transmission, researchers find — ScienceDaily

Experimental antiviral for COVID-19 effective in hamster study: MK-4482 shows potential to prevent and treat SARS-CoV-2 infection — ScienceDaily

Cambodia is forcing people to starve in their homes in order to enforce corona lockdown

Cambodia kept coronavirus in check for a year. Now as infections surge, people in lockdown go hungry – ABC News

Cambodia police defend caning of lockdown offenders for breaching COVID-19 rules | Reuters

Cambodia’s Interior Ministry Urges Police to End Violent Enforcement of Coronavirus Lockdown — Radio Free Asia (

German politicians put on ‘DEATH LIST’ after voting to extend lockdown

‘Has to be taken seriously’: Police investigate DEATH LIST of German MPs after vote on lockdown law — RT World News

WA premier Mark McGowen receives death threat 

Mark McGowan death threats: Man, 33, charged with threatening to kill WA premier (

Canadians rally in the 10s of thousands against lockdowns

Thousands march in Montreal against virus restrictions – France 24

Thousands march in Montreal in protest of COVID-19 health measures | Watch News Videos Online (

Florida is introducing one good piece of liberty-focussed legislation after another 

Florida Legislature Approves Transgender Athlete Sports Ban (

Transphobic or a victory for common sense? Alabama bans ‘biological males’ from playing on female school sports teams — RT USA News

‘It just isn’t fair’: Caitlyn Jenner opposes ‘biological boys competing in girls’ sports’ — RT USA News

Florida Passes Bill Prohibiting Social Media Giants Deplatforming Politicians (

Florida passes election bill that would make changes to mail voting – CBS News

Florida House passes bill to permanently ban COVID-19 ‘vaccine passports’ (

DeSantis: Florida to Forgo Coronavirus Vaccine Passport Requirements | Health News | US News

Florida Education Commissioner Tells Schools To Drop Mask Mandates: ‘They Serve No Remaining Good’ (

Florida Governor Extends Ban On Cities Imposing Mask Mandate Penalties—Critic Calls Move A ‘Killing Spree’ (

CCP has found new suppliers 

China’s imports of US coal, Canadian barley continue to climb amid ban on Australian exports | South China Morning Post (

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