– 10k+ protest in Melbourne
– Victoria Police test ‘non-lethal’ weapons on unarmed protesters

Special guests: Monica, Avi Yemini, Matt Lawson, Sydney George, Matt Dillon, Harrison McLean, Anthony Lev, Zac Galloway, Chriscoveries

– Daniel Andrews office defaced, again
– A closer look at expert COVID-19 Infection Fatality Rate estimates
– Australia is wasting it’s resources

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– Daniel Andrews seeks permanent ‘pandemic’
– Taking a closer look at the IFR of COVID-19
– Organisation reveals plan to mass-sue police

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– Australian protest recap
– Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth
Follow James from Adelaide here: twitter: @James_Hol

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– Topher Field arrested for ‘incitement’
– Addressing mandatory injection
– Italian citizens assaulted by police
– ‘Freedom Day’ is not freedom
– Expert declares that kids are not at risk from COVID

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– You might be eligible for a Vaccine exemption.
– Interview with Craig Kelly
– Updates from Sydney George
– WA Updates from Matt Dillon

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– RDA Party to join United Australia Party
– Aussie Cossack arrested and bailed
– Victoria Police ask resident bizarre question
– Sydney George NSW update
– Jack McGuire from Red Union reveals plan to represent employees facing termination
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– New jobs network has announced plan to not discriminate on vaccination status.
– Further addressing Daniel Andrews’ outlandish demands.
– Interview with Jonathan Andrews regarding Brett Sutton Supreme Court hearing

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– The world continues to protest COVID policies
– More tyranny in Australia
– Polish officials condemn Australia
– USA protests for Australian rights

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