Anthony Lev

Lev Report 5.0

– Recap of 21/08 protest – Political hypocrisy – Where is this all heading Sign up to our free newsletter

COVID policy is not universally accepted

In this video we take a closer look at some of the countries (both citizens and politicians) who are opposing various COVID related policy LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #93

Health Minister Greg Hunt

Anthony Lev gives some commentary on the current Health Minister Greg Hunt. LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #93


In this video we take a closer look at Labor MP Danny Pearson. What we find is concerning LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #93

Martin Foley insight

Anthony Lev takes a closer look at the past behaviour of VIC Health Minister Martin Foley. Something here seriously doesn’t seem right LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #93

Brad Hazzard insight

In this video MCJ Reporter presenter Anthony Lev takes a deeper look into the current NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard. We are concerned about his character LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #93

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