Interview with Mike Closer (#100)

Interview with our United States correspondent Mike Closer. – Afghanistan withdrawal – New York mandates – Governors who are standing up Join our newsletter: WATCH FULL EPISODE

Harrison McLean on freedom

Harrison joined MCJ Report #100 to discuss freedom and his views on why freedom sets the ultimate foundation for a well functioning society. WATCH FULL EPISODE

Lev Report 5.0

– Recap of 21/08 protest – Political hypocrisy – Where is this all heading Sign up to our free newsletter

#95 Updates from Sydney George

Sydney George discusses the unions and whether or not they’ll speak up on mandates LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #95 WATCH FULL EPISODE

COVID policy is not universally accepted

In this video we take a closer look at some of the countries (both citizens and politicians) who are opposing various COVID related policy LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #93

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