Stand Up

Matt Lawson badly injured by Victoria Police

On Saturday 21/08/21, Matt Lawson, a Melbourne based activist, was hospitalized by Victoria Police after being shot at point blank range with a baton round launcher. WATCH FULL EPISODE

Vicpol Officer goads protesters

Victoria Police: “Common pussies, here we go” Vicpol officer incites violence from protesters, likely as an excuse to justify enhanced use use of force. WATCH FULL EPISODE

Harrison McLean on freedom

Harrison joined MCJ Report #100 to discuss freedom and his views on why freedom sets the ultimate foundation for a well functioning society. WATCH FULL EPISODE

WA protest was a success

Freedom rally help in Perth on 21/08/21 was a success, Matt Dillon joined us to discuss details. WATCH FULL EPISODE Join our free newsletter:

Interview with Avi Yemini

Interview with Avi Yemini regarding the events that took place in Melbourne on 21/08/21 WATCH FULL EPISODE The Latest from Avi Yemini – Rebel News

Lev Report 5.0

– Recap of 21/08 protest – Political hypocrisy – Where is this all heading Sign up to our free newsletter

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