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Citizens are turning on citizens

Citizens are taking further steps to punish their fellow citizens who they consider to be in breach of public health orders The Latin phrase “Divide et impera” ‘DIVIDE & CONQUER’ is as old as politics and war. The divide your enemy so you can reign approach is attributed to Julius Cesar — he successfully applied it …

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Pastor Paul Furlong has been released on bail

Pastor Paul Furlong was arrested and detained for refusing to close his church in accordance with ‘health orders’. He has since been released. Paul is a man who dares to stand by his conviction

Victoria Police are enforcing tyranny

– Business owner Meg violently arrested by PORT – David Limbrick speaks up for Victorian business owners in Parliament. – PORT (Public Order Response Team) is a major problem and must be investigated and charged for their violent actions.

Corona News #59

– Heart inflammation detected in young males after Pfizer jab – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Pfizer – False positives – What is ‘fleeting contact’? – Victoria Police is seeking positive PR (I wonder why)

Victoria Police assault Anthony Lev

Upon conclusion of a public prayer session, Victoria Police issued a move on order to 50 or so parishioners. Everybody was leaving in an orderly manner, until PORT decided to violently assault one man from behind. It was all caught on camera.

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