covid testing

TGA Safety report is very different from AusVax Safety

TGA Safety report is very different from AusVax Safety, which begs the question, why even have AusVax Safety if the data is never going to be verified and used by the TGA? LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #91 WATCH FULL EPISODE

Israel records of 1000 positive covid tests

Israel has brought back restrictions after recording over 1000 positive covid tests despite over 65% of the population being vaccinated. Israelis were promised restrictions would be lifted upon majority vaccination, that turned out to be a lie LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #83

BGI Group could be violating patient data

BGI Group, a Chinese biotech firm and lead producer of PCR tests, could be sharing sensitive patient data with the Chinese Communist Party LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #82

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