MCJ Report was created by it’s founder and host Morgan C Jonas in response to one-sided reporting and state-sanctioned tyranny that transpired in Melbourne, Australia, as a result of the Victorian State Government’s response to COVID-19. 

Morgan has a background in business, martial arts and supply chain management and is passionate about social justice. 

MCJ Report is independent, without corporate backers and relies on community contributions and product sales. 

MCJ Report endeavours to pick apart deceptive mainstream narratives whilst empowering people with the truth.


To promote critical thinking by disseminating news, current events, government activity and exclusive content in a manner that is context-rich, objective and constructive.


A citizenry whereby large amounts of people question, challenge and do not blindly adopt mainstream and government narratives. To foster a culture of large-scale civilian non-compliance and action in response to unfair and unfounded laws and policies.

Morgan C Jonas

MCJ Report Host

Thank you for visiting MCJ Report. Anyone who dreams for the advancement of Australia and abolition of corrupt government agendas has a duty to convey the truth to their fellow Australians. Together, we can make our nation the best country in which to live. Real change can only come about with real awareness.