MCJ REPORT seeks to serve as an important source of information and advocacy

Not your typical news show, the purpose of MCJ Report is two-fold

1) to provide the public with alternative views that otherwise would not be reported on the mainstream media

2) to support those seeking to affect positive change in Australia in terms of policy, sovereignty and self-determination.

Everyday private media is looking more and more like state-controlled media. From unfounded COVID-19 fear mongering, to selective reporting, to pushing narratives that only seek to divide, the need has never been greater for media that challenges the status quo.

The objective of MCJ MEDIA is to provide a broad source of information and news that is of importance to the people of Australia and all freedom-loving people around the world.

Our topics of focus for news aggregation includes but are not limited o Australian sovereignty, China and the Chinese Communist Party, the current Global Scandal and general Geopolitics.

Why are foreign affairs important to Australia? 

Foreign policy and economic activity from other nations have the potential to affect everyday life in Australia, we therefore consider it highly important that relevant stories from abroad are delivered to Australians in one place. 

We also produce original written and video content delving into key matters such as government-corporate corruption, COVID disinformation and matters relating to National Security and Sovereignty. 

I began taking a deeper interest in Australian public affairs, and in 2015 it dawned on me that something is seriously wrong with our country

Morgan Jonas

I’ve spent the better part of my working life in the area of international trade. But as the years progressed, I began taking a deeper interest in Australian public affairs, and in 2015 it dawned on me that something is seriously wrong with our country and that I myself, was indeed part of the problem. I’ve since made a constant effort to educate myself on matters that are of relevance to our independence, including but not limited to foreign affairs, geopolitics, manufacturing, trade and the biggest threat of them all, the Chinese Communist Party and how they interact with Australian politicians.

I first made my views public in 2019 when I, along with my event partner Fiona Hui, took to the steps of Parliament House Melbourne to protest against Daniel Andrews’ signing of the Belt and Road Initiative. Since then, I haven’t taken a step backwards. I’ve dedicated countless amounts of hours to this cause, produced and published huge amounts of research-based content and been arrested multiple times for standing against injustice.

I’m in your corner.

Best regards,


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