Month: October 2021

MCJ Report #118

– Topher Field arrested for ‘incitement’ – Addressing mandatory injection – Italian citizens assaulted by police – ‘Freedom Day’ is not freedom – Expert declares that kids are not at risk from COVID Join our free newsletter:

MCJ Report #117

– You might be eligible for a Vaccine exemption. – Interview with Craig Kelly – Updates from Sydney George – WA Updates from Matt Dillon Join our free newsletter: Support the show:

MCJ Report #116

– RDA Party to join United Australia Party – Aussie Cossack arrested and bailed – Victoria Police ask resident bizarre question – Sydney George NSW update – Jack McGuire from Red Union reveals plan to represent employees facing termination – PLUS MORE Join our free newsletter:

MCJ Report #115

– New jobs network has announced plan to not discriminate on vaccination status. – Further addressing Daniel Andrews’ outlandish demands. – Interview with Jonathan Andrews regarding Brett Sutton Supreme Court hearing Sign up to our free newsletter:

MCJ Report #114

– The world continues to protest COVID policies – More tyranny in Australia – Polish officials condemn Australia – USA protests for Australian rights PLUS MORE Join our free newsletter: Support our work:

MCJ Report #113

– Ignore Daniel Andrews – NSW has a new premier on the way – More tyranny enforcement in Melbourne – Warrnambool Police uphold citizens rights – Plus more

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