Month: September 2021

MCJ Report #112

– Analyzing the TGA vaccine safety report – Tanya Davies breaks down Fair Work Decision – Workers plan to strike tomorrow – Mental Health Expert launches new show – Independent media is on the rise Sign up to our free newsletter

MCJ Report #111

– Calling out the fake news – President Bolsonaro remains staunch on no jab – NYC protests jab mandate – Grandmother who was assaulted by Victoria Police in 2020 speaks out – Expert of 20 years launches new online show to tackle mental health crisis Join our free newsletter:

MCJ Report #110

– A question for Vicpol – Taking a closer look at CIRT ‘tactics’ – Ex NSW Senior Constable speaks out – Leaked government documents reveals intent to mandate vaccine for kids – Norway reopens Join our free newsletter

MCJ Report #109

– Monica is free, big win in the Supreme Court – Special Operations Group deployed to the streets of Melbourne Join our free news letter –

MCJ Report #108

– Monica Supreme Court bail hearing 22/09 10:00am – Melbourne protest DAY 2 – Statement from Senator Malcolm Roberts Join our free newsletter

MCJ Report #106

– Brazil President Bolsonaro is standing up for freedom – TGA COVID-19 weekly safety report – QnA session Sign up to our free newsletter:

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