Day: 23 August 2021

MCJ Report #100

– 10k+ protest in Melbourne – Victoria Police test ‘non-lethal’ weapons on unarmed protesters Special guests: Monica, Avi Yemini, Matt Lawson, Sydney George, Matt Dillon, Harrison McLean, Anthony Lev, Zac Galloway, Chriscoveries

Matt Lawson badly injured by Victoria Police

On Saturday 21/08/21, Matt Lawson, a Melbourne based activist, was hospitalized by Victoria Police after being shot at point blank range with a baton round launcher. WATCH FULL EPISODE

Vicpol Officer goads protesters

Victoria Police: “Common pussies, here we go” Vicpol officer incites violence from protesters, likely as an excuse to justify enhanced use use of force. WATCH FULL EPISODE

Interview with Mike Closer (#100)

Interview with our United States correspondent Mike Closer. – Afghanistan withdrawal – New York mandates – Governors who are standing up Join our newsletter: WATCH FULL EPISODE

Harrison McLean on freedom

Harrison joined MCJ Report #100 to discuss freedom and his views on why freedom sets the ultimate foundation for a well functioning society. WATCH FULL EPISODE

WA protest was a success

Freedom rally help in Perth on 21/08/21 was a success, Matt Dillon joined us to discuss details. WATCH FULL EPISODE Join our free newsletter:

Interview with Avi Yemini

Interview with Avi Yemini regarding the events that took place in Melbourne on 21/08/21 WATCH FULL EPISODE The Latest from Avi Yemini – Rebel News

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