Day: 9 August 2021

TGA Safety Report Can Be Easily Misinterpreted

TGA Safety Report can be easily misinterpreted based on the positioning of total AEFI and total doses administered. In this video we compare the findings of AusVax safety and how the TGA needs to improve their Safety Report in order to be more transparent WATCH RELATED SEGMENTS

MCJ Report #93

Huge show: 3 hours – SPC mandates vaccinations for workers – Victoria Police continue violence campaign against protesters – Update from RDA – Sydney George discusses Qantas ground staff case – Update from Zac Galloway – Lev Report 3.0 – Background check on politicians LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #93


Liberals revolt against Gladys Berejiklian over mandatory vaccines for workers (   SPC Ardmona deal proves it didn’t need federal help, Tony Abbott says | SPC Ardmona | The Guardian   COVID-19 vaccinations: workplace rights & obligations – Fair Work Ombudsman   Fair Work Commission hands down decision on compulsory vaccination (   Hon Ken …

MCJ Report #93 : LINKS & RESOURCES Read More »

Albanese loves cash incentives

Anthony Albanese is very keen on dishing out cash incentives for those who get the jab, has he forgotten whose money he is offering to give away? LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #93 WATCH FULL EPISODE

Melburnians are regularly protesting lockdowns

Every lockdown is resulting in larger and larger crowds of Melburnians hitting the streets in protest. When will the government listen to the people? LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #93 WATCH FULL EPISODE

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