Day: 22 July 2021

MCJ Report #84

– Politicians must stop telling us what to do – New study indicates kids are 99.995% likely to survive corona – Many fully vaccinated people are ‘dying from corona’ – Anthony Lev presentation on wasteful government spending LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #84

Lockdowns KILL small business

Lockdowns kill small businesses yet benefit some of the worlds richest corporations. How much longer can we go on like this? LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #84

Take a stand, blow the whistle

We are seeking brave industry insiders to step up and blow the whistle. If that’s you, email us at Should you wish to remain anonymous will will respect your wishes LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #84

Michael O’Brien needs to understand something

Leader of the so-called opposition Michael O’Brien seems to be under the impression that government holds the solution to corona-related challenges faced by small business. Wrong, government is the problem LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #84

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