Day: 18 July 2021

MCJ Report #81

– Malcolm Roberts on mandatory vaccination – New members of federal parliament speak up against mandatory vaccines – Why was Ivermectin demonized after showing promising results? – Hate speech laws an in fact an assault on free speech LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #81

MCJ Report #81 Links & Resources

Policies – RDA Party   EXCLUSIVE Liberal Senator: we must reject vaccine passports | The Spectator Australia   Vic COVID update: Melbourne apartment complex in Maribyrnong placed into lockdown over coronavirus scare | 7NEWS   Ivermectin – Wikipedia   SciELO – Public Health – Mass treatment with ivermectin: an underutilized public health strategy Mass treatment …

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Ivermectin Part 1

Why has the government been so reluctant to look into Ivermectin? LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #81

Blow the whistle : MCJ Tips

If you’re an industry insider and are sick of bearing witness to misconduct, the time to take a stand is now Blow the whistle by contacting us via

How do you define hate speech?

‘Hate speech’ laws have been adopted throughout the west, the problem is, who defines what’s offensive and what’s not? LINKS & RESOURCES : MCJ Report #81

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