Month: June 2021

MCJ Report #72

Victorian MPs hand themselves a pay rise NSW leans on ‘Delta Variant’ for promoting fear Mass protests hit UK Singapore changes C-19 policy

MCJ Report #71

– ADF takes charge of roll out – AZ looks like it’s done – MSM starts reporting on Pfizer adverse events – QLD to jail CHO direction violators – 4 British Airways pilots die – CCP challenges Australia in WTO

MCJ Report #70

– Corona News – First transgender to enter Olympics – Apple Daily stormed and shut down

MCJ Report #68

Deep dive into TGA advertising policy in relation to making therapeutic claims and have this policy has been discarded for COVID-19 vaccines.

MCJ Report #66

– Interview with Charelle Ainslie – AHPRA is threatening medical experts – NZ Doctors are speaking out – Don’t mess with Texas – Project Veritas exposes MSM censorship on HCQ – Brett Sutton wants people who visit Vic alpine region to get tested

MCJ Report #66 Links & Resources

Healthcare workers face harsh penalties for spouting anti-coronavirus vaccine claims – Hellocare Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency – Registration Standards ( Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency – False and misleading advertising on COVID-19 ( Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency – Registered health practitioners and students: What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout …

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Interview with Charelle Ainslie

Charelle is on the National Executive of RDA Party. She has a wealth of professional experience including but not limited to business consulting, financial planning and natural medicine. You can follow Charelle here:

AHPRA is threatening medical experts

AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) has threatened to take regulatory action against medical experts who express views in opposition to the COVID vaccine.

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