Day: 13 May 2021

MCJ Report #45

– RDA Party – Reason Party playing games – Dr Mark Hobart speaks up for senior citizens re C-19 shot – Chinese military seeks to develop bioweapons

MCJ Report #45 Links & Resources

Canadian Pastor arrested Canadian pastor arrested in highway takedown after holding service defying lockdowns | News | Lifesitenews   Dr Mark Hobart routinely stands up for the people Coronavirus: Dr Mark Hobart, Dr Eamonn Mathieson urge COVID-19 cure | Herald Sun Dr Mark Hobart slams Victorian coronavirus lockdown road map plan ( Melbourne GP says …

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Did the US government fund the Wuhan Lab? #45

There’s no question that funding from the US government reached the Wuhan Lab. The question is, was the funding used for gain-on-function research. Given the credibility of the CCP, plus the recent revelations about discussions regarding the weaponization of sars, everything is on the table.

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