Month: March 2021

MCJ Report #20

– Myanmar violence – AstraZeneca suspended in more countries – Greg Hunt said we are in a clinical trial – WeChat should be banned in Australia

MCJ Report #20 Links & Resources

March 4 Justice: Melbourne women take to Treasury Gardens ( Spain halts AstraZeneca vaccinations amid safety concerns, joining 17 other nations as EU says jab’s ‘benefits outweigh risks’ — RT World News Italian prosecutor seizes batch of AstraZeneca Covid-19 jabs ‘as a precaution,’ launches manslaughter investigation after death — RT World News WHO says countries …

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MCJ Report #19

– WA Election slaughter – China storing Australian military info – CCP refuses to condemn military violence in Myanmar

MCJ Report #19 Links & Resources

Greg Hunt went to hospital and was diagnosed with a known side effect associated with the Astrazeneca vaccine, yet claimed there is no link. Do you believe him? Greg Hunt in hospital, diagnosed with cellulitis bacterial infection ( COVID-19_AstraZeneca_Vaccine_Analysis_Print.pdf ( ———————– Running with Foxes: Daniel’s dining and dealings with ‘go-to billionaire’ ( Legislative Council Results – …

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MCJ Report #18

Greg Hunt suffers from known AstraZeneca C-19 side-effect, but claims condition is unrelated. Australia needs Nuclear energy.

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